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Washington University in St. Louis Environmental, Health & Safety Building


Budget: $9 Million


This project spans 27,000 square feet that will tie to the new Scott McKinley Research Building. The building will have two primary functions: to house Environmental Health and Safety and Central Services. 

Flance Early Childhood Education Center


Budget: $3 Million


Simms Building Group served as the general contractor for this 25,000 square foot new childcare facility. This was a tilt-up construction that included a new parking lot and landscape features.

Central Visual Performing Arts


Budget: $3.3 Million


Simms Building Group completed a remodel of the existing auditorium, kitchen, and cafeteria, along with a brand new actor's studio. The state-of-the-art auditorium is now used for district wide performances. 

Harrison Education Center


Budget: $2.3 Million


Simms Building Group was the general Contractor on this LEED Gold new construction of the Harrison Educational Facility that consisted of various classrooms, media centers, and office areas for a local community college. 

Hazelwood School District Package 1


Budget: $7.1 Million


The Hazelwood School District Package 1 consisted of three (3) elementary schools. Simms was the general contractor and performed interior renovations and new building additions, including new wings for additional classrooms, school nurse areas and teacher lounges. These projects took place during the school year without interruption to the learning environment.

Hazelwood East Middle School 


Budget: $2.3 Million


The Hazelwood East Middle School project was an interior demolition and renovation project of multiple classrooms and corridor within the 50,000 square foot space. The $2.3 million dollar project included the complete renovation and construction of a new Media Center with computer labs and independent science rooms. The upgrading of various HVAC, electrical and plumbing components were included in order to accommodate the most modem needs of a quality learning environment.

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